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Wheelchair Seating & Accessories


Wheelchair Seating & Accessories

Pressure sensitive foam

Pressure sensitive, open cell foam conforms with body heat for even pressure distribution and unrestricted blood circulation.
It eliminates painful pressure points with firm yet fluid support. Slow recovery rate minimizes bottoming out.
Air circulates freely, dissipating moisture and perspiration.
We carry T-Foam and Sunmate brands.

Solid Seats & Backs

Half-inch (1/2") plywood with zippered vinyl cover.
For units needing hardware, holes are drilled and T-nuts supplied.
Seat and back inserts do not need hardware.
Specify drop-hook, quick-release or inserts.
Hardware sold separately.
Any piece over 20" is considered large and will be priced accordingly.

Standard Seat & Back

Thickness Polyfoam T-Foam/Sunmate
1/2" ST-6105 ST-7105 Call Us
1" ST-6110 ST-7110 Call Us
1.5" ST-6115 ST-7115 Call Us
2" ST-6120 ST-7120 Call Us

Rolled Seat

Thickness Polyfoam T-Foam/Sunmate
1" ST-6210 ST-7210 Call Us
2" ST-6220 ST-7220 Call Us

Anti-Thrust Seat

Thickness Polyfoam T-Foam/Sunmate
1" ST-6310 ST-7310 Call Us
2" ST-6320 ST-7320 Call Us

Contour Back

Thickness Polyfoam T-Foam/Sunmate
1" ST-4000 ST-5000 Call Us
1.5" ST-4020 ST-5020 Call Us
2" ST-4030 ST-5030 Call Us

Channel Back

Thickness Polyfoam T-Foam/Sunmate
1" ST-2000 ST-3000 Call Us
1.5" ST-2020 ST-3020 Call Us
2" ST-2030 ST-3030 Call Us

Wedge Seat

Thickness Polyfoam T-Foam/Sunmate
1" ST-2040 ST-3040 Call Us
1.5" ST-2050 ST-3050 Call Us
2" ST-2060 ST-3060 Call Us

Flexible Back Insert

Add a bit more support with our flexible back. Thin flexible ABS interior support, covered with 1/2" polyfoam or pressure sensitive foam and black vinyl.
Insert can also be covered Darlexx, for additional costs.
ST-6035 4 Web loops, slides onto push rails. Flexible ABS covered 1/2" polyfoam and black vinyl.
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No Foam Seats

ST-6330 Drop-hook board with vinyl cover
ST-6030 Wood insert, No cover (Add your own cushion)
ST-6411 Drop-hook amputee board with vinyl cover
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Replacement Seat Covers

ST-6390 Replacement seat cover (Please specify size)
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Pressure Sensitive Foot Plate Pads

ST-6080 Darlexx covered pressure sensitive foam pad. Relieves pressure and prevents sores. Adds comfort. Attahes with velcro
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Amputee Seats & Cushions

Drop-Hook Amputee seats are made of plywood with slots for extensions. Standard comes with foam cushion and vinyl cover. Seats can also be covered by Darlexx, but for additional cost.
Item Thickness Polyfoam T-Foam / Sunmate
Drop-Hook Amputee Seat with Foam 2" Foam ST-6410 ST-7410
Foam Cushion with Vinyl Cover 1" Foam ST-6420 ST-7210
2" Foam ST-6430 ST-7220
3" Foam ST-6435 ST-7435
Foam Cushion with Waterproof Polypropelene Cover 1" Foam ST-6440 ST-7440
2" Foam ST-6450 ST-7450
Pad for Leg Extension 1" Foam ST-6460 ST-7460
2" Foam ST-6470 ST-7470
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Amputee seats and Cushions

Amputee Inserts

Amputee seat inserts are finished Baltic Birch plywood with slots for extensions. Please specify width and depth of seat when ordering inserts.
ST-6500 Solid wooden Baltic Birch Seat insert with leg extension
ST-6520 Extra leg extension
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Seat Belts & Buckles

ST-6830 Seat belt, padding — rolled vinyl covering
ST-6840 Seat belt, 2" Webbing, Side Release Buckle (no velcro)
ST-6850 Seat belt, velcro with D-ring 2" webbing
ST-6860 Side release buckles
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Concave Headrest

Covered with black vinyl
We make these to your specifications
ST-6050 Concave headrest with T-nuts and 1/2" foam
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Abductors and Hip Pads

ST-6070 Abductors — size small, medium, large
ST-6075 Hip pads, specify dimensions
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Lateral Supports

We make these to your specifications
ST-6900 Flat lateral supports
ST-6910 Concave lateral supports
ST-6920 Hardware for lateral supports
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ST-6730 Std. wrap around chest strap 60" long, 2" webbing, velcro closure
ST-6750 Ankle strap with side release buckle, 1" webbing and gromets
ST-6760 Ankle strap with velcro, 1" webbing and gromets, with d-ring
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Wheelchair Bags

We size these to your specifications
ST-6600 Wheelchair bag with flap — black vinyl
ST-6610 Utility bag with snap, no flap — black vinyl
ST-6620 Side pouch — cloth or vinyl
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Curved Back Blanks

We will also pad and cover if you ask
ST-6040 Curved back blank (std. adult up to 20")
ST-6045 Curved back blank (over 20")
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Curved Back

Seating Attachments

Use these hardware sets to complete seats and backs
Simply select the style you want
Includes nuts and bolts
ST-8510 Quick release complete hardware set
ST-8520 Drop-hook set for seats, includes nuts and bolts
ST-8530 Drop-hook set for backs, includes 2 welded hold-downs with nuts and bolts
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