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Splint, Transfer Boards, Commode, etc.


Quality lap trays at bargain prices!

Featuring adjustable clamping with no bolt holes through tray.
The top remains unblemished.

Dorsiflexion Foot Splint

Here's a solution to the expensive, time-consuming process of fabricating and fitting splints. This ready-made, easily adjusted splint is designed to prevent foot drop and protect the ankle and foot from skin breakdown. It's made of flexible aluminum, a special durable coating, and a pressure sensitive lining to gently support the foot and leg. Fully adjustable for any ankle position and easy storage.
Product Description Retail Price
FS-2000 Dorsiflexion foot splint $156.00
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Foot Splint

Nesting Stool Set

Constructed of sturdy, finished 9-ply birch with a non-skid tread on top and vinyl t-molding on edge of top. Stools nest one inside the other for easy storage. Set includes three stools: 2", 4" and 6" high.
Product Description Retail Price
MSC-7020 Nesting stool set $250.00
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The Original 9-Hole Peg Kit

This original 9-hole peg kit contains everything you need for a quick check of your patient's fine motor dexterity. The ingenious design serves as both an aid in testing and a storage unit. Made of solid wood, the hinged kit opens to reveal a dish for holding pegs on one side and the peg board on the other. The standard 1/4" pegs are cleverly stored in the wooden base behind a swing away cover. This complete kit is easy to carry or store.
Product Description Retail Price
MSC-7050 9-hole peg kit $56.00
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Peg Kit

Baltic Birch Transfer Boards

Constructed of half inch 9-ply birch, this light weight transfer board is sturdy and functional. Three styles are available to best meet the patient's needs.
Product Description Retail Price
TB-3000 24" long x 8" wide, 1 hand-hold $56.00
TB-3010 24" long x 8" wide, 2 hand-hold $56.00
TB-3020 24" long x 8" wide, no hand-hold $56.00
TB-3100 27" long x 10" wide, 1 hand-hold $68.00
TB-3110 27" long x 10" wide, 2 hand-hold $68.00
TB-3120 27" long x 10" wide, no hand-hold $68.00
TB-3200 30" long x 8" wide, 1 hand-hold $68.00
TB-3210 30" long x 8" wide, 2 hand-hold $68.00
TB-3220 30" long x 8" wide, no hand-hold $68.00
TB-3800 Custom transfer board $90.00
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Transfer Boards

Adapted Commode Chair Kit

This idea from an O.T. department has proven very helpful in making earlier discharge from hospital possible in select cases, where transfer on-off commode chair is required but not possible without transfer board.
Provides a stable transfer surface between bedside commode and wheelchair or bed
Requires a Lumex drop-arm commode chair with adjustable height legs
Transfer board and seat adapter provided as a kit
Hardware included
Product Description Retail Price
MSC-7000 Adapted commode chair kit $136.00
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Chair Kit