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Hardware Accessories


Quality Rehabilitation Hardware at Low Prices!

You won't find higher quality or more durable hardware! Our hardware is made of steel with an exceptionally durable black finish. Our special gloss black coating is much more abrasion and chip resistant than the standard polyester powder coating.
All hardware comes with necessary bolts, nuts and washers
We offer hardware for 7/8" and 1" diameter tubing to fit the majority of wheelchairs on the market
All slots are sized for 1/4" screws and all holes on the adjustable hardware are for #10 screws

Standard Drop Hook

Use this standard drop hook for attaching a solid seat or back
HDW-8000 7/8" diameter, 1" drop hook
HDW-8005 7/8" diameter, 1.5" drop hook
HDW-8010 7/8" diameter, 2" drop hook
HDW-8015 7/8" diameter, 3" drop hook
HDW-8030 1" diameter, 1" drop hook
HDW-8035 1" diameter, 1.5" drop hook
HDW-8040 1" diameter, 2" drop hook
HDW-8045 1" diameter, 2.5" drop hook
HDW-8050 1" diameter, 3" drop hook
Standard Drop Hook

Locking Drop Hook

This drop-hook includes a swivel tab for locking
Use where space is at a premium
Comes only in 1" drop
HDW-8060 Locking drop hook, 7/8" diameter
HDW-8070 Locking drop hook, 1" diameter
Locking Drop Hook

Dropless hook & lock adapter

Use this unique drop hook for "0" drop
Use where space is at a premium
Each piece sold separately
HDW-8080 Dropless hook, 7/8" diameter
HDW-8090 Lock adapter, 7/8" diameter
HDW-8100 Dropless hook, 1" diameter
HDW-8110 Lock adapter, 1" diameter
Dropless Hook

"U" Drop Hook

A pin slips through holes in hook, locking it in place
Comes with or without pin
Black finish only
HDW-8120 7/8" diameter, 0" drop, with pin
HDW-8125 7/8" diameter, 1" drop, with pin
HDW-8130 7/8" diameter, 0" drop, without pin
HDW-8135 7/8" diameter, 1" drop, without pin
HDW-8140 1" diameter, 0" drop, with pin
HDW-8145 1" diameter, 1" drop, with pin
HDW-8150 1" diameter, 0" drop, without pin
HDW-8155 1" diameter, 1" drop, without pin
U Drop Hook


Lock a drop-hook into place with either of two holddowns
Fixed hold-downs have a welded tab
The tab bolts on for swivel holddowns
HDW-8160 Fixed hold down, 7/8" diameter
HDW-8165 Swivel hold down, 7/8" diameter
HDW-8170 Fixed hold down, 1" diameter
HDW-8175 Swivel hold down, 1" diameter

"J" Bracket (J-Bracket)

Bolt these to "L" brackets (above) for extended dropping or raising of seat
Holes are in half-inch increments
Black finish only
HDW-8260 "J" bracket, 1 hole, 7/8" diameter
HDW-8265 "J" bracket, 2 holes, 7/8" diameter
HDW-8270 "J" bracket, 3 holes, 7/8" diameter
HDW-8275 "J" bracket, 1 hole, 1" diameter
HDW-8280 "J" bracket, 2 holes, 1" diameter
HDW-8285 "J" bracket, 4 holes, 1" diameter

"L" Bracket (L-Bracket)

Use these versatile "L" shaped brackets with "J" hook (below)
Provides many combinations for countless uses
Holes are in half-inch increments
Black finish only
HDW-8200 "L" bracket, 1 hole
HDW-8205 "L" bracket, 2 hole
HDW-8210 "L" bracket, 3 hole
HDW-8215 "L" bracket, 5 hole
HDW-8220 "L" bracket, 7 hole